Weatherbeeta turnouts, quilts, fleeces, coolers and fly rugs.

A small selection of Jodphurs,  Numnahs, Quilted Saddle Cloths, Reversible Saddle Pads and Dressage Saddle Cloths

Tack Boxes, Stall Chains, Bungee Ties, Tie Rings, Saddle racks, Bridal Racks. Grass Muzzles

Feed/water buckets and covers – tub trugs and covers – lead  ropes – hay/horsehage nets – brooms – feed scoops – shovels –

ragwort/dung/manure/woodshaving forks including ‘Future’ forks and many more items including a variety of skips and troughs

No headcollar fly fringes

Fly masks

Nylon Head Collars/ Nylon Fur Padded Head Collars


Cribox – fly repellents – Derma Gel – Equiwrap – poultice – aloe vera purple spray –

wound cream/powder – Hibiscrub – Hoof oils, conditioners and moisturisers, Hypocare,  Neatsfoot Oil –  Stable Zone

Stalosan – tack conditioning soap/spray



For grooming: combs – curry combs – brushes – jelly

scrubbers – coat shine mitts – sweat scrapers – shredding

blades – hoof picks – mane & tail spray – shampoo – tail bands – plaiting bands

hoof oil/brushes – clipper oil

Magazines on sale:- Essex Rider / Absolute Horse

Electric fencing products


For vermin control we sell a variety of mouse/rat traps and baits