Mixed corn – super mixed corn (including hen grit & oyster

shell) – layers pellets/mash – layers pellets/mash with Verm-X – natural free range layers pellets – growers pellets – chick crumbs – chick corn – maize- oyster shell – flint hen/growers grit – mixed grit (including oyster shell)

We can also obtain organic mixed corn/layers pellets/layers mash on request


Straw, ‘Beddown’, Freshbed



grit hoppers – feeders/drinkers galvanized and plastic – feed

scoops – life guard tonic – louse/red mite powder – verm x

parasite pellets/liquid – poultry shield – treatments for scaly

legs/anti pecking/moulting – total mite kill powder/liquid –

nutri drops – diatom – wire netting – heatlamp & bulbs


Feed for geese / ducks and turkeys

Disenfectants:- Virkon s – Stalosan F – Jeyes Fluid – Virenza

For vermin control we stock a range of mouse/rat traps and